Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Blue Van.. igen.

When I think about how amazing my life is - I can't help but think back to the old days (people and places alike) and say "suck on that". Not very nice of me I know, but something that can't be helped it seems.

Last night we saw The Blue Van again! Ahhhh - they were so good! The gig was absolutely packed; people were overflowing out the doors trying to get in on it. It was like a sauna it was so hot! I could go on about every little detail and how awesome it was, but the excitement gets lost between words and the web. I'll get straight to the point that i'm dying to brag about...
Rachael and I had lost the rest of our friends since the beginning of the show - and we just so happened to know not only where back stage was, but also that they didn't seem to have any security as it was 'hidden' away. With that we figured - "We're exchange students". Which in our head means - "We can do whatever the hell we want". So (awkward as it was, especially since we were sweaty and gross from raging in the mosh pit) we walked behind closed doors, up the stairs and straight to the table where the lead singer Steffen was having a ciggy and a beer - and just sat down. Literally saying "hey, we're not supposed to be here but - there's no security so....". Ah, i'm so stoked. He was so chill. We got to talking about their tour with Jet and even about our lives here in Denmark. He called my town Frederikshavn 'shit' - but that's an entirely different story!

The point is - I love life, and The Blue Van makes me act like a groupy.

Tusind tak Danmark, jeg elsker dig!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Denmark never ceases to amaze me... It is just the beginning of Autumn - and it's 13 degrees. We wouldn't see 13 degrees during the middle of the day until the dead of Winter in Australia, and even then, I don't think we get much below 20 during the day. What the?!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kære Danmark

Dear Denmark,

You have thoroughly impressed me thus far - there are so many things I love about you, and so many things you have taught me to love; most of all, you've learnt me to grow.
However, like all things, what we have must come to an end. We have four months left - I don't intend to let them go to waste. Hold on to your knickers!

Sincerely yours (with undying love)
Riley Louise.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The government which is currently in power in Australia is awful - just awful!
I simply cannot understand why anyone with a well educated mind is in agreeance with their policies! Every news article I read about their insane ideas makes me furious. Let alone the fact that the reason they are in power is due to self absorbed, big headed independents. These independents who in fact admitted that they sided with the Labor party because Gillard's possy of 'wanna be' socialists were unlikely to hold government as long as the Liberal party. In simple terms - the Labor party had more to lose, thus more need of the independents. So instead of having the more competent party in favour, who obviously has better policies - or I should rather say: are smart enough to oppose Labor's un-realistic ones - the Liberal party is in opposition. Then again, I do not fear; the count down is on and soon we will re-establish a government that can truly give us what we need.

Rage over.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day to Day Life: Attempting School

To say that I try my hardest to keep my blog totally updated would be a lie. I somehow got in it my head that I should only write about the most interesting of things, but when I look back at this a few years from now (even a few months!), I know I will still remember the amazing trip to London or Paris or Prague...;but will I remember my day to day life?

So here it is for you!

I have school five days a week. And I have to say, after going to school just four out of seven days in Australia, it is really hard to have just a two day weekend! I'll be honest, my attendance is not of a high standard (to say the least). But in my defence, I believe a lot of exchangers struggle to motivate themselves to wake at 6am for hours of a language they don't understand, and quite frankly - subjects that don't matter in the least. To make this a little more clear - I go to school to make friends, and then see those friends. I have graduated high school in Australia and will be returning to university as soon as I arrive back. Gymnasium by no means can contribute to any certificate of education I hold in Australia. I digress. Like any normal student, school and I have a love hate relationship. I struggle being inside all day when I feel I can be doing much more productive things outside e.g., sleeping. No no, jokes aside - when my Oldie Matt was here in Frederikshavn, we often used to go to the botanical gardens and see the deer (YES, DEER!) roaming around. I'd take photos almost everything! We'd go to town and watch people go buy, while really doing nothing ourselves. That is precisely the beauty of the relationship between exchangers. We are happy to do absolutely nothing at any given place, because we are thrilled to merely be there! It's not the same in asking one of your Danish friends to just 'go for a bike ride' around town. I'm not saying that you can't do that... it's just different.

I'm going to leave it at that for now, it's 2200 (yes I use 24 hour time now - crazy!) and I have been promising myself an early night all day. I WILL go to the first class tomorrow. I will, I will, I will! (If you haven't noticed i'm trying to convince myself to go to the first class tomorrow, though all my heart, mind and soul are telling me that it would be much more pleasurable to sleep and extra hour or two).

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Skagen Get Together

With this past weekend, there was a Rotary Get Together in Skagen for district 1440 inbound exchange students. It was absolutely fantastic! I can't name one thing that didn't surpass satisfaction.

I am proud to say that it was in fact my counsellor's idea that made this awesome weekend happen, and it may be for that reason that I favoured this camp above all others. Though with bias put aside, us exchange students could not have asked for more. The weather, atmosphere, food, people (students and Rotarians alike) - absolutely everything was perfect!

We were given a tour of Skagen and the most popular sites that often bring many tourists every year. The 'wondering sand dunes', the 'sandy church', the art museum, the light house, the town and the toppen of Skagen where the Baltic and North Sea meet! We were presented with so much history, culture and truly fascinating facts - it wasn't like any usual boring school excursion.

We made new friends with the newbies (oh my gosh i'm an oldie!) and had a really chill weekend. I could describe everything in detail here, but I would much rather tell you in person! But just know that I loved it, and we all had a great time.

Jacqui & I

(This is for Matt, my oldie, who has inspired me more than any other to love life, and never waste what we have. I love you Matt!)

Katie and I at the Museum
(For once enjoying the view from above)

District 1440 on the Wondering Sand Dunes!

The Sandy Church
Align Center

Søren and Bente (and Donna!) - min mor og far. Jeg elkser jer!

At the top of the Lighthouse with the toppen in the distance

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saggy Boobs

I went to the local swimming pool today... my purity is ruined.

Denmark (or Europe in general) is very open with the whole change room situation, so it is extremely hard not to notice others around you butt naked. And I mean naked as in.. naked.

I was the only person there over the age of 5 and still under the age of 40... And now I don't know if I want to go back there again... I've seen what nature has intended for me and I don't like it. I actually cried a little, and laughed. That in itself is kind of awkward considering I was chilling by myself.

Seriously, can your boobs hang any lower?! It was awful... And it wasn't just one lady - they all looked like that! I don't want to be a hater, but I remember seeing older people at pools or the beach in Australia and they didn't wobble so much... Maybe my Australian genes will help me pull through...

I can't seem to rid of the images!!!!